Introducing Cornerstone

Frictionless residential construction just got real.

The premier mobile-first platform to streamline your payments, communications, and project management for everyone.

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Breaking down barriers to software, communication, and project growth.

With a platform built to each party in a residential construction project, your projects stay on time and under budget, while you kick back and relax.


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General Contractor

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Trade Partners

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Before Cornerstone

Projects run over time, over budget, or both. You don’t want to drag your heels through a 60-day onboarding and pay thousands of dollars a month for a mediocre software solution. Project management is great, but it doesn’t do much without efficient payments and communications. Trust us, we feel your pain.

With Cornerstone

Within two taps, you’re already set up on your device. No credit card, no onboarding. Elegantly crafted interfaces for the homeowner, trade partner, and general contractor execute every communication, project management, and payment need imaginable, bringing everyone’s focus back to building. 

Grow with Us

You’re early to the next big thing. We bring professionalism, organization, and simplicity to your projects. Soon, we’ll be connecting you with specialized trades, potential clients, and source the best possible material deals for you. Though we’re young now, we’re on track to grow with you and become your go-to suite for any job.

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